Labor offers single debate with one opponent, but not with two

Labor offers single debate with one opponent, but not with two

In a decision hailed by critics as a victory for the Liberal Democrats, Labour’s Keir Starmer has called for new debates on immigration which could include an anti-immigration candidate.

However, an agreement was reached by Starmer, the home secretary, and the SNP’s Angus Robertson to set up an extra debate to be held with both opponents in the House of Commons next year.

Robertson told Sky News: “The issue will be an election, not an election on immigration.

“I have absolutely no doubt we will find the time. It will be in the autumn. All the parties are prepared to make this happen and the Tories are prepared to put forward a candidate. You just have to understand, it was their election campaign to begin with.”

Starmer said he was pleased with the announcement but criticised the timing of the move, saying it was also a sign of weakness. “When I became home secretary I had to accept that I was in a minority on many issues of principle. That’s something that I took responsibility for on that day. It seems that our opponents are determined to go after me and say that I더킹카지노‘m incompetent,” he said.

Robertson added: “The decision to put on extra debate shows Labour in no position to argue on immigration. They will only be able to say it’s about immigration. We will be looking at an increase in debate. What we must do is make sure we have a debate, one that would be as open and balanced as we were last time.”

The SNP’s leader in the Commons, Angus Robertson, told the BBC he expected a f더킹카지노urther increase in immigration debates to be called for. “바카라사이트We have to take the position that this election is about issues that matter to the Scottish people and not a party politics, whether you’re in government or not, about immigration, about a Europe, about a European Union or not,” Robertson said. “So that is the position that is agreed right now.”

Robertson rejected suggestions Labour was using the debates as a campaign tactic to boost support for the party in Scotland by appealing to the concerns of people who do not like the results of May’s referendum. “We have had that issue, which has been put to voters and has raised the profile of the issue. What we are trying to say is that we have no desire to be playing politics in this election campaign,” he said. “What’s important in the referendum is an open and honest debat

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