Csiro hopes rainforest plot to boost biodiversity knowledge

Csiro hopes rainforest plot to boost biodiversity knowledge

MILWAUKEE — The University of Wisconsin-Madison is partnering with The Nature Conservancy to establish a rainforest plot on an old-growth maple forest along the east bank of the Wisconsin River that is being restored.

The tree plot is situat바카라ed near the intersection of a 1,200-acre wooded habitat owned by the UW. It is part of a project by the UW-Madison and the Nature Conservancy that provides wildlife habitat across the state.

“We are proud to work with the Nature Conservancy as we 바카라make the first s바카라tep of the restoration of this historic forest,” said Tim Mauer, senior forest conservation coordinator for the UW-Madison. “We are trying to make a difference in the community and with the forest by using it as a model of what can be done through restoration. Restoration is an important part of restoring biodiversity in the state of Wisconsin. It also helps people keep in mind how to protect the forest when they travel.”

The site where the plot was established in 2014 will serve as a teaching tool for the UW, The Nature Conservancy and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Mauer said.

The site of the site being restored for the wetland study. (Photo by The Nature Conservancy)

To learn more about the project, visit the UW-Madison wetland study site (wulm.uw.edu/wulm- wetland).

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