Campdraft finals and the tournament, both of which had been a total blast

Campdraft finals and the tournament, both of which had been a total blast. To win it all is to go against the most consistent player in the world, someone who can turn a 1-2 loss to a series win into a 2-0. It’s always exciting when a player can take a series off of an underdog and go on to take another one.

And as soon as a player can take another one, and that’s been the case since the end of WESG in late June, his legend’s at an all-time high in the first place. His win rate is nearly 80% to go, which is the second best among the current top 12, behind only Miracle, who currently has a 62카지노 사이트% win rate. It’s not just about Miracle, either. In fact, when you break it down by tournament, he’s currently leading the top tier tournament in NA:

The top 12 in NA

At Worlds, he picked up a pair of victories, beating both MVP Phoenix and Fnatic. It wasn’t j우리카지노ust about the series though, as it also showed him how strong of a player he can be on the ladder. I’m still waiting for someone to prove they were a better player than him, but it’s something to keep in mind. On top of all of that, he beat both H2k and Fnatic in the semi-final, which is great news for him.

However, just yesterday he won the next 3 tournaments he participated in, and now he’s a perfect 7-0 with his own NA title. It’s only in the tournament where he’s had his weakest tournament performance against the Chinese that he managed to win all of his last 8 tournaments, but that’sgospelhitz what makes him such a consistent character: consistency.

With the loss of Mango and his recent inability to do much, his play is more and more like SKT T1, a team that he’s rarely been on. If he’s able to do that at the top of the league, he could find himself at a new level.

What did you think of Mango’s performance today? Should he stay or go back to KT Rolster after this big slump? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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